Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Are on The Rocks

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Tuesday August 27, 2013

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsTIM McGraw and Faith Hill are having trouble in their 16-year marriage!

According to a new report, the couple’s relationship has hit rock bottom amid furious clashes and suspect­ed infidelities.

Sources say Tim feels imprisoned by a de­manding Faith, who’s forced him to give the boot to his longtime buddies and even put his beloved 750-acre Nashville-area ranch up for sale.

Faith, meanwhile, is outraged by Tim’s reputation for a roving eye and es­pecially fears his tight friendship with seductive young country star rival Taylor Swift – who’s half her age.

“He feels he needs to stand up for himself and get his manhood back. He feels like Faith has a leash around his neck – and he wants out of her prison!” a source said.

“For years, Tim has been at the receiving end of cheating rumors, but the truth is that Faith’s flirty nature toward other men – includ­ing some of Tim’s closest friends – has caused a big part of the prob­lems in their marriage.”

A few years back, Faith, 45, was on tour with 46-year-old Tim and became very friendly with another country singer.

“Tim caught the singer mas­saging Faith’s feet,” revealed the source.

“He hauled off and punched him and then started lashing out at both of them!

“The only thing that stopped the men from beating each other senseless was that Faith got be­tween them, but it didn’t end there.

“Tim was so angry he contin­ued to pick fights with Faith, and she kicked him off his own tour bus and made him ride with his former band.

“Taylor Swift is Faith’s biggest worry.

“Tim keeps telling Faith there’s nothing to it, but Faith doesn’t believe him.

“Taylor is just 23 and gorgeous, and Faith sees her as the biggest threat to her marriage.

“Tim feels that the ranch is the last thing Faith can take from him.

“Faith thinks she has Tim under her thumb, but she may be in for a big surprise!”

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