Pictured: Brother And Sister Who Were Stabbed To Death Alongside Their Mother By Estranged Father In 'Murder Suicide' As It's Revealed He Was Jailed For Attack In 2013

hannon, 11, and her younger brother Shane were both found dead yesterday at their home near Leeds

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  • Geraldine Newman, 51, allegedly killed by husband Paul Newman, 42,
  • Her daughter Shannon, 11, and son Shane, six, died of stab wounds 
  • Estranged husband Newman was jailed for 17 weeks for attacking her
  • Newman believed to have driven to Anglesey and jumped from 120ft cliffs
  • Wilko store manager said her children were 'the light of my world'

These are the first pictures of devoted mother-of-two Geraldine Newman who was bludgeoned to death by her estranged husband who also stabbed to death their two children Shannon and Shane.

West Yorkshire police tonight confirmed that Paul Newman, 42, bludgeoned the Wilko store manager with a hammer before stabbing daughter Shannon, 11, and son Shane, six, at home in Allerton Bywater, near Leeds.

Today family and friends laid flowers for the 'one in a million' mother and Disney balloons for the children she called the 'light of my world'. 

First picture: This is Geraldine Newman, known as Gerry to her loved ones, who was murdered by her domestic abuser husband who also killed their children

West Yorkshire Police confirmed Geraldine Newman, left, was killed alongside her two children including eldest daughter Shannon, 11 and her younger brother Shane, at the family's home in Allerton Bywater, near Leeds.

Grief: Mourners today came to lay flowers and balloons outside the home of Geraldine Newman, 51, who was murdered along with her two children in a hammer attack by her estranged husband Paul

Message: One of the many notes left at the scene today, which said: 'Heaven has three beautiful angels'

Investigation:Mrs Newman's husband appears to have driven to a cliff edge on Anglesey before jumping to his death

One note left by colleagues outside her home said: 'Heaven has three beautiful angels - miss you'.

Her estranged husband, who was jailed for 17 weeks in 2013 for beating Geraldine, went on the murder spree before driving 180 miles to Anglesey and jumping off a 120ft cliff. 

One note left by colleagues outside her home said: 'Heaven has three beautiful angels - miss you'.

Her estranged husband, who was jailed for 17 weeks in 2013 for beating Geraldine, went on the murder spree before driving 180 miles to Anglesey and jumping off a 120ft cliff. 

Probe: Police have linked the body found here to the murders after his car was found in the car park above on Anglesey

A broken beer bottle was found at the spot where the wanted man is believed to have jumped off a cliff on to the rocks below. 

Detectives are trying to unravel the major riddle of whether he chose to kill himself in North Wales, just ten minutes from where his victim's parents live.

It was not known whether he had called at the home near Holyhead before killing himself and police were guarding the rural farmhouse today.

A neighbour said: 'This is terrible and I can't imagine what they are going through. They are a lovely couple, very quiet.'

Mr Newman has a history of domestic violence against his wife. Police are understood to have found a note at the home he shared with his parents and feared for his safety. The three victims were last seen alive on Sunday.

A concerned friend who let herself into the terraced house in Allerton Bywater, near Leeds, at around 11.50am yesterday discovered their bodies. Police sealed off the property and launched a major inquiry.

Mrs Newman, a twice-married mother of three, worked as a manager of a local Wilko store. She and Mr Newman split some time ago, but he was regularly seen playing with their children in the park near their home.

The father was jailed for 17 weeks in October 2013 after being convicted at Leeds magistrates' court of assault by beating against Mrs Newman.

One neighbour recalled that he was seen about 12 months ago sitting in the back of a police car.

Andrea Holroyd had known Gerry Newman for about 20 years, starting when they worked together at Wilkos and last saw her in December.

She said: 'Gerry was a very caring, loving friend to many, including myself. Her nature was one in a million, nothing was ever too much trouble.

'Bless her, she didn't deserve to lose her life nor her children.

'She were lovely, really caring, she were devoted to her kids, a devoted mum.

'They were lovely kids, happy-go-lucky, bubbly, they were just both little Gerrys.'

Describing her relationship with the man accused of killing her she said: 'They had been on and off, a bit stormy.

'I heard was he had been arrested about a year ago, they had some sort of do.

'I know she had been through a few relationships and this last one they had split up a while ago'.

Tragedy: Balloons and flowers left by mourners in Allerton Bywater where the bodies of the dead family were found yesterday


Tears: Friends and loved-ones of Mrs Newman pay their respects to the devoted mother who also raised thousands for charity

A statement from St Wilfrid's Catholic High School and St Joseph's Primary School in Castleford, West Yorks, where children Shannon and Shane Newman are believed to have attended, said: 'We are aware that a woman and two children were found dead at a house in Allerton Bywater yesterday and that police are investigating their deaths as murder. 

'While the police are still working to officially confirm the identities of those involved they are believed to be a Year 7 student at St Wilfrid's Catholic High School, her brother, a Year 1 pupil at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Castleford and their mother. 

'Exactly what happened and how this tragedy occurred is subject of an ongoing police investigation. 

'The students and children have been notified via their form tutors and class teachers this morning. We have ongoing support in place for all our children, students and staff. Our prayers are with the family and friends at this very sad time.' 

The family had lived on the new estate, designed as part of the sustainable 'millennium villages' project, for about five years. 

Mrs Newman wrote on her Linkedin page that her two young children were 'the light of my world.' She took part in a 10km run every year to raise money for charity and did voluntary work for Age UK and raised at least £11,000 for charities. 

Josh Flood knew Geraldine's husband Paul Newman from the school run at St Joseph's Primary School in Castleford, West Yorks., and spoke of his shock at learning what had happened.

He said: 'Last week I was stood talking to him at school and now this has happened - it's heartbreaking.

'It's disgusting. It's awful to think what the family are going through.

'I've known him for the past year what with going to school with my daughter - he takes them and picks them up/

'He seemed like a normal bloke.. He seemed like a nice guy to talk to, a really lovely person.

'You wouldn't have thought he would do anything like this'. 

Neighbour Chloe Firth, 11, was a friend of Shannon and said she last saw the children about two weeks ago 'throwing snowballs and making snow angels'.

She added that Mr Newman would 'play hide and seek' with them and 'seemed like a really caring parent'.

Chloe's father Sean Firth, 44, said: 'You don't expect to see this on your doorstep, it is devastating. I'm lost for words.'

After the bodies were found, armed police went to the house Mr Newman shared with his parents six miles away. 

Clues: Newman parked his car here before throwing himself into the sea. A broken beer bottle was found at the spot he jumped from

Mother-of-three Geraldine Newman, 51, was battered to death with a hammer on the ground floor of the terraced property in Allerton Bywater, West Yorkshire. Pictured, officers at the scene on Tuesday

A woman breaks down outside the family home, some 10 miles from Leeds, where Mrs Newman and her two young children were found dead. The three victims were last seen alive on Sunday

Detective Chief Inspector Warren Stevenson, of West Yorkshire Police, said: 'Post-mortem examinations are yet to take place to establish the causes of the deaths but the victims have died in suspicious circumstances and therefore we are treating their deaths as murder.

'Initial indications are that this is a domestic-related incident … We would like to hear from anyone who witnessed anything in the area of the address in the period leading up to when the discovery was made this morning.' 

A Wilko spokesman said Mrs Newman had worked for the company for 23 years and was a 'loyal and respected' member of their staff.

The retailer added: 'This is tragic news and has devastated everyone who worked with Geraldine as well as impacting team members across the company.

'Our heartfelt thoughts and condolences are with her family, friends and colleagues at this very difficult time and everything is being done to support those team members who are affected by this tragic news.' 

Ex-neighbour John Gough, 81, said he last saw Mr Newman two weeks ago.

He said: 'I can't believe something like that could happen to them … I thought they were a good couple.

'I think they were religious and went to church every Sunday. I know him well.

'He was sociable and friendly with me … He used to come round to keep me company around once a fortnight.'

Mrs Newman, who also had a 30-year-old daughter with her first husband, married Mr Newman 14 years ago. 

By Bradley Hayes 04/02/2016 12:39:00