Jeb Vs Web: Twitter Mercilessly Mocks Bush After He Posts 'Macho' Picture Of His New Gun Engraved With His Name And Captioned 'America'

Off target: Bush's original post appeared to be trying to impress gun-loving South Carolina voters, but was quickly co-opted for humor by Twitter users

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  • The pistol, engraved with his name, was accompanied by one word: 'America'
  • Twitter users mocked the post's macho tone and Bush's wet image
  • Bush says he received the gun from a South Carolina firearm company and was 'honored' to have it 
  • Meanwhile, a prankster has bought, redirecting all traffic to Donald Trump's official site
  • The Trump camp denies all knowledge of the prank 

Jeb Bush has been struggling with internet pranksters today, with a botched Tweet and a website squatter frustrating his attempts to woo South Carolina voters during a key part of his campaign.

Earlier today, Bush's Twitter account posted a picture of a pistol with 'Gov. Jeb Bush' — a reference to his position of Governor of Florida, which he held from 1999-2007 — engraved on the top of its barrel, and a single word: 'America'.

That was all the internet needed: the post was met with an avalanche of parodies mocking Bush's public image and the post's macho tone.

Many users ran with the weapon angle, posting up images of fictional weapons of war with equally fictional locations. 

@JohnJosephAdams posted toy lightsaber from Star Wars, with the name of the planet 'Tattooine', while @GarciaHortolano offered Harry Potter's magic wand, with 'Hogwarts', the name of Potter's wizarding school.

And @DavidOMahoney went for a shot from the movie 300, alongside 'Sparta' — echoing Gerard Butler's cry of 'This is Sparta!' from the movie.

Lampoon: One user switched Trump's gun for a Star Wars lightsaber, and name-checked Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tattooine

Magic: A wand from Harry Potter's school of Hogwarts was offered up as an alternative to Bush's pistol

Kicking off: Another user drew on the famous 'This is Sparta' scene from the movie 300, turning Gerard Butler's war cry into a glib joke

Others edited the image itself, replacing the former Florida governor's name with sarcastic text.

@SimonMaloy edited in 'Macbook Pro, Baby', a reference to a much-mocked video released by Bush in which he enthuses about Apple products. 

Other edits included @mashable's 'Please clap,' recalling the time Bush had to remind his New Hampshire audience to applaud the end of a speech, and @dannyodwyer's rather brutal 'ALSO RAN.'

And one simply replied with an animated clip of Angela Lansbury wearing oversized spectacles and uncomfortably firing a pretend gun, perhaps a poke at Bush's less-than-macho image.

Book 'em: Twitter user Simon Maloy replaced Bush's name with 'Macbook Pro, Baby', a reference to a much-shared clip of Bush enthusing about Apple products posted on his own YouTube account


Mockery: One gag (pictured left) reference a clip of Bush reminding an audience to clap at the end of one of his speeches, while another (pictured right) was the more brutal 'ALSO RAN'

Animated: Slade Sohmer's animated clip of Angela Lansbury firing a joke gun appeared to be a comment on Jeb's less-than-macho public image.

Bush told reporters today that he was unaware of the original tweet, and that he'd received the gun as a gift from South Carolina-based firearm company FN Manufacturing that morning at a town hall meeting.

'The purpose was we went to a gun manufacturing facility where lots of jobs are created, high-wage jobs. And I received a gun and I was honored to have it,' he told reporters near Leesville.

But that wasn't all for the beleaguered candidate, as the internet lit up with chatter about a prankster buying up the '' domain name so that he could squat on it and cause it to redirect to the official Donald Trump website.

Fake: A tweet from a spoof Donald Trump Twitter account went vital after it announced that the address was redirecting visitors to Donald Trump's site. Trump's real camp have denied involvement

In fact, the redirect was set up in December 7, but news about the redirect gained a second wind today when a fake Tweet by spoof account @P0TUSTrump, which seemed to show Trump gloating and admitting to the prank, went viral.

According to KMTV, the Trump camp have denied any knowledge of the prank.

South Carolina, which will hold its vote for a Republican candidate on Saturday, is a key area for Bush, as his family has historically polled well there. 

It also has a strong gun culture, which Bush's tweet today appeared to be trying to tap into.

A CNN poll on Tuesday said that Bush was polling fourth place with 10%, behind Marco Rubio with 14%, Ted Cruz with 22% and Donald Trump with 38% of the vote.



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