ISIS Are Threatening A Mass Murder Using Cyanide To Poison Food Supplies, Warns Indonesia's Security Minister

Indonesian security minister Luhut Panjaitan, centre, believes ISIS is awaiting to strike with cyanide

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  • Minister Luhut Pandjaitan claimed ISIS was seeking stocks of cyanide 
  • He suggested police and military were at particular risk of ISIS attack 
  • Indonesia has arrested some 20 suspected ISIS terrorists in recent weeks
  • ISIS is attempting to recruit new Jihadis from Indonesia's prison population
ISIS terrorists in Indonesia are planning to target the nation's food and water supplies with cyanide according to the country's security chief. 
Minster Luhut Pandjaitan warned that Islamic terrorists were especially keen on targeting the supplies of the police and army in an effort to destabilise the state. 
Speaking to reporters, Pandjaitan claimed: 'IS is now using cyanide to terrorise. They are using cyanide to poison food.' 
Indonesian military are on high alert after reports emerged of ISIS attempts to acquire cyanide in the country 

He continued: 'We have considered various forms of threats and we are prepared to face such a possibility (of cyanide poisoning).' 
Indonesia is trying to crackdown on Islamic fanatics, including terrorists who have aligned themselves with ISIS 
According to, Indonesia's police chief General Badrodin Haiti claimed ISIS had taken the idea from a recent murder in Jakarta where the victim drank coffee laced with cyanide. 
In recent weeks, Indonesian police have arrested 20 suspected terrorists linked to ISIS. Many of those who were detained had close links to three leading Indonesian members of the terror group who are currently in Syria.  
Authorities also believe ISIS sympathisers have infiltrated the nation's prison system where they are seeking to recruit hardened criminals to their cause.
One cell busted south of Jakarta had recruited an inmate trusted by jail wardens to steal guns and ammunition from the police armoury behind bars. A police source said his girlfriend hid the weapons in an insulated lunchbox and smuggled them to militants on the outside. 
Indonesian police have been warned that ISIS terrorists my try and poison their food and water 

By Bradley Hayes 18/02/2016 06:22:00