Hillary Clinton Gets BOOED At MSNBC Town Hall When She Says Bernie Sanders 'Wasn't Really A Democrat' Until He Decided To Run For President

Even though it was a Democratic town hall on a left-leaning network, Hillary Clinton didn't face an entirely friendly crowd getting booed at one point when she suggested that Bernie Sanders wasn't truly a Democrat

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  • Some audience members were feeling the Bern and wouldn't let Hillary Clinton get away with suggesting their candidate wasn't a Democrat 
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both took turns tonight answering questions in advance of Saturday's Nevada caucuses 
  • Clinton also answered question on the news of the day including Pope Francis and President Obama's announced visit to Cuba  

Several members of the audience weren't feeling Hillary Clinton's criticism of Bernie Sanders at tonight's MSNBC Democratic Town Hall in Las Vegas. 

Clinton defended her husband's record and President Obama's record too and suggested that Sanders was unclear about their accomplishments because he was relatively new to the party.

Then she heard boos. 


In the hot seat: Clinton was asked about two big news stories from today - Pope Francis and his message about immigration - along with his fight with Donald Trump - and President Obama's announced trip to Cuba

'I just don't know where this comes from,' Clinton began. 'Maybe it's because Sen. Sanders wasn't really a Democrat until he decided to run for president.' 

That's when the boos began. 

'He doesn't even know what the last two Democratic presidents did,' she continued. 

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, was Congress' longest-serving independent before deciding to run for the Democratic nomination in 2015.  

Despite the negative responses coming from some parts of the audience, Clinton held her ground. 

'Well, it's true, it's true,' she said. 'You know it's true. It happens to be true. And I've got to tell you, I look at our last two Democratic presidents, were they perfect? No. No person is. But I'll tell you I would take the two of them over any Republican anytime, anywhere.' 

That sentiment got the crowd cheered up as Clinton tried to win over Democratic voters in Nevada as she and Sanders again find themselves neck-and-neck in a state that's on the verge of going to the caucuses. 

'I am a progressive who likes to make progress,' Clinton said, again pitching herself as the practical Democrat who can get things done, as opposed to Sanders plans, which she portrays as pie-in-the-sky dreams thanks to the current gridlocked environment of Washington. 

'I don't want to make promises I can't keep,' she told Nevada voters, who will caucus on Saturday. 

Tonight, answering questions from NBC's Chuck Todd and José Díaz-Balart, who splits his time between Telemundo and MSNBC, Clinton broached a number of topics that were in the news today. 

Hillary Clinton said she would release her paid speeches to Wall Street if all the other candidates - including Democratic rival Bernie Sanders - released the same kind of information too 

While not necessarily linking the two, she showed appreciation for Pope Francis and threw continued disgust in Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's direction. 

'Well, first, let me really express my deep appreciation to Pope Francis,' she said. 'He has talked about immigrants and migrants everywhere in the world. He came to our border to talk about it again.' 

'I was the first person to call out Donald Trump,' she also added. 

Pope Francis ignited a media firestorm by doing that today, suggesting that Trump was no Christian if he planned to build a wall to keep desperate migrants and immigrants out. 

President Obama's announcement that he was traveling to Cuba was another big piece of news today and Clinton explained why the trip made sense. 

'Well, I know that the president intends to raise human rights issues,' Clinton explained. 'I think the president on Cuban soil delivering that message is very powerful.'   

With Fidel Castro being 89-years-old and his brother Raul Castro at 84-years-old, Clinton suggested that it was only a matter of time for change to happen at the top of the Cuban government.  

'I don't think the Castros can live forever unless they have found Ponce de Leon's magic water fountain somewhere,' Clinton said – a colorful comment that's only made more interesting when it's pointed out that moderator Díaz-Balart was related to Fidel Castro. 

The Cuban leader was previously married to Díaz-Balart's aunt, which makes Fidel Castro's son Fidel Castro Jr. the anchorman's first cousin. But the marriage didn't last and the family had a falling out. 

'So there will be a new generation,' Clinton said, predicting the demise of the Castro brothers. 'And we've got to, and I want the president to look in the eyes of the new generation,' she said.  

The former secretary of state spent the rest of the time reinforcing her record on themes that have popped up throughout her campaign against Sanders.  

Clinton's feet were held to the fire by one questioner who called for her to release the paid speeches she delivered to Wall Street. 

'I'm happy to release everything else when everybody else does the same,' she replied. 

The gentleman then followed up by telling her that he was a big supporter of Clinton and her husband until she spoke on the Senate floor in 2004 and proclaimed that marriage is between a man and a woman. 

He said that he hasn't been able to trust the candidate since and that releasing the transcripts would improve her standing with this particular voter. 

Clinton said that she, like many Americans, had evolved on the issue of same-sex marriage. 

'And I'm glad I have,' she said. 'I am a 100 percent supporter.'   

She circled back to gay rights at another point too.

A female member of the audience asked Clinton how she would deal with Middle Eastern countries that don't believe in equality between the genders. 

Women's rights, and gay rights, Clinton said, would be a top priority and her record proved that. 

'I looked across the table at dictators and authoritarians and chauvinists and sexists and misogynists,' Clinton said. 'Yeah. I did,' she added, smiling. 

'And I raised it with every one of them.' 



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