Kindle Thief Is Caught When He Accidentally Uploaded A Selfie Of Him And His Mother To The Owner's Cloud Account

Michael Soto, 26, who is accused of stealing a Kindle and then using it to take selfies alongside his mother

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  • Michael Soto, 26, is accused of stealing a Kindle from a car in Los Angeles
  • Days later the Kindle owner noticed new pictures on his cloud account 
  • The pictures were of Soto that he had taken alongside his mother 
  • The LAPD put out an appeal and he later handed himself in to police  

A bungling thief who stole a Kindle was caught by police after he accidentally uploaded a selfie of him and his mother to the owner's cloud account.

Michael Soto, 26, is accused of taking the tablet computer and smartphone from a unlocked car in the parking lot of a Jack-in-the-Box in Reseda, Los Angeles last Tuesday.

However, days later, the Kindle's owner noticed pictures had been added to his cloud account.

They included a picture of Soto and his mother, who had apparently visited church on Ash Wednesday because she had a smudge of ash on her forehead.

The victim then passed on the pictures to the LAPD, who put out an appeal asking anybody who identified the mother and son to come forward.

However, just hours later Soto walked into a police station in west LA with his brother and returned the Kindle, which was then given back to its owner.

Police stressed that his mother, who was in the picture, had nothing to do with the theft.

Captain Paul Vernon, head of the West Valley Patrol Division, said: 'Soto’s mother had no idea the Kindle had been stolen.

'It’s only fair that we say that for the sake of her reputation.

'I think there was a bit of family pressure to get Michael to return the stolen items and fess up, if nothing else, to help clear his mom’s name.

'Michael may have a bigger debt to pay to his mom than to society.'

Soto is accused of stealing the Kindle and a smartphone from an unlocked car in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box restaurant in Reseda, pictured 

Police say they will file a misdemeanor charges with the city attorney and Soto was released pending charges.

Since the theft was a misdemeanor, police cannot arrest without a warrant.

The cloud is a system that automatically stores users' photos, emails, documents and other information. 

It then allows a user to sync their data across a range of platforms.

By Bradley Hayes 19/02/2016 06:40:00