Shocked David Cameron Forced To Pause EU Q&A With Students After Girl Collapses In The Audience

A shocked David Cameron (pictured) pauses his speech in Suffolk today after a girl collapsed in the audience

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  • Prime Minister's bodyguards rushed to the aid of the girl at event in Suffolk
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A shocked David Cameron was forced to pause a speech on the benefits of the EU today after a girl in the audience collapsed. 

The Prime Minister was taking questions from students when a loud thump was heard at the back of the hall during the event at University Campus Suffolk.

His bodyguards rushed to help the girl, who was standing at the back and Mr Cameron himself walked through the audience to see if he could help. 

Calling a halt to the Q&A, Mr Cameron asked: 'Are you okay? Let's just take a quick pause while we check everything's okay.' 

By Bradley Hayes 29/02/2016 11:01:00