Jailed Gumbura going back home soon?

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Published: 12 October 2017
Written by Zimeye

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Robert Martin Gumbura, the jailed former RMG Independent End Time Message leader, had an early Christmas treat as he beamed with joy after he got reunited with his entire family for two days in a row this week.

Although RMG still had limited access and contact with his wives and children within the Chikurubi prison walls, the reunion was everything he wished for.

The family visits to convicted felons are part of the recently-introduced laws to ensure convicts keep in touch with family members as a human right.

RMG had the opportunity to discuss various issues with family for sparse moments in two days in the absence of the prison officers.

Assuring his family, RMG said, “I will be back home soon”.

Chiedza Zimto
By Chiedza Zimto 12/10/2017 16:21:00