At Least He's Wearing A Helmet! Man Spotted Riding His Bike Naked Along A Highway Is A Naturalist Fighting A $200 Fine In Court For The Right To Cycle In His G-String

Baring all: Nick Lowe strips down in nothing but a leopard G-string while cycling down a New Zealand highway

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  • New Zealand naturist Nick Lowe cycles in nothing but his G-string
  • Christopher Lane filmed Mr Lowe on a highway in Marlborough
  • Mr Lowe's wide collection of G-strings are handmade by his wife
  • He went all the way to the High Court to defend his right to cycle nude
  • He won the case and his conviction for riding nude was quashed

It's the last thing you'd expect to see while driving down a highway, but this nude cyclist in a g-string has become a common sight in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Naturist Nick Lowe got a few more stares than he bargained for as he rode between Havelock and Blenheim, wearing only a helmet, shoes and a leopard-print thong, handmade by his wife,Stuff.co.nz reported.

Resident Christopher Lane said he and his children had attended the Muddy Buddy, a run around a muddy river mouth or estuary, for a family fun day in small town Havelock.

'One the drive home, we passed a cyclist and it was just as we passed him we spotted he had hardly any clothes on!'  

'I must take my hat off to the Marlborough drivers, they gave me a wide berth,' he said on Tuesday from his home in Petone.

Mr Lowe boasts a wide range of bespoke G-strings he sports while cycling, but would rather strip down completely naked.

A woman complained of his nudity while riding along Akatarawa Rd, Upper Hutt, on World Nude Bike Day in 2009 and he was charged and convicted with riding nude.

But Mr Lowe refused to give up and appealed to the High Court where he won.

'I thought I'd go in balls-and-all and fight the conviction. It cost $5000 to defend the $200 fine, but it was about the principle,' he told Stuff.co.nz.

Mr Lowe's nakedness did not meet the test of offensive behaviour according to Justice Clifford, who subsequently qaushed the conviction and fine.  



In the video, Mr Lane and his children can be heard laughing hysterically as they pass Mr Lowe, commenting that he has a 'pretty nice bike'. 

For Mr Lowe, who has felt the urge to let loose since he was about 12, naturism is about being comfortable and enjoying life without the 'encumbrance' of clothes.

While Mr Lowe is now fully comfortable training in the nude for activities such as kayaking and adventure races, he admits he was once nervous when he first went to a nudist beach with his first wife. 

'But when you're naked conversing with someone, it makes you realise no-one gives a shit,' he said. 

He will baring himself again for the World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand on March 12.


Christopher Lane and his children filmed the nude spectacle, laughing hysterically at Mr Lowe

While Mr Lowe was previously convicted of riding nude, he appealed to the High Court to defend his right and won

He will baring himself again for the World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand on March 12

By Bradley Hayes 29/02/2016 11:05:00