Doctors Refused To Help Pregnant Lady, So Babies Were Cut From Her With A Blade (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)


  • A woman from Cameroon was taken to hospital while in labour but died on the way
  • Her twin children were still alive however the doctors present allegedly refused to operate, citing expensive fees
  • The woman’s niece was forced to intervene and cut the children out with a knife


A very unfortunate woman died after she went into labour but her doctors refused to help her.

The Cameroonian woman, whose identity remains unknown, was nine months pregnant and went to hospital to give birth.

Sadly, she died in labour on her way to the hospital, but her babies could still be felt moving within her.

Horribly, the hospital’s doctors are shockingly said to have refused to assist the pregnant woman, saying she did not have enough money.

Despite the fact that the woman’s twins could be felt stirring in her belly, the doctors and nurses allegedly refused to assist, even though it was becoming more obvious they needed to be saved from certain death.

Faced with no other choice, the pregnant woman’s niece was forced to intervene, using her own knife on her deceased relative.

The devastating scene after the woman’s babies were cut out of her outside in the sun

In front of the doctors and nurses who refused to help, the niece sliced open her aunt and saved the lives of the twins.

The hospital’s staff were so determined not to help that they would not even let the woman be taken inside the hospital building, forcing the niece to operate outside in the baking hot sun.

As you can see from the pictures below, the forced caesarion section left a a devastating scene with blood spilled over the stones of the hospital courtyard.

Everyone at the NAIJ.com team hopes the babies will be safe from now own and our thoughts and prayers are with the poor woman’s family.

Warning:  These pictures are EXTREMELY graphic

By Bradley Hayes 17/03/2016 09:54:00