Joanne Woodward Ravaged by Alzheimer’s

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Joanne Woodward Ravaged by Alzheimer’s

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Thursday October 24, 2013

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PAUL Newman‘s widow is ravaged by deadly Alzheimer’s disease.

According to reports, Joanne Woodward is extremely unwell and may soon be facing her final curtain call.

In its latest issue, America’s Globe magazine reports on the Oscar winner’s tragic decline and sadly, the terrible bickering by Paul’s children over his estate that’s ripping the family apart.

Reports last year said the family were at war over Paul’s multi-billion dollar estate.

“Paul left the bulk of his estate to Joanne and his charities,” a source said.

“Prior to his death, he gifted each of his five daughters with an inheritance of $5 million. He felt the girls were all successful and didn’t have to rely on fam­ily money.

“But the girls are now suddenly sensitive to how much Joanne is worth, and they’re concerned that she may cut them out of her estate entirely and leave every dime to charity.”

Woodward was married to Newman for 50 years before he succumbed to lung can­cer at age 83 in September 2008. The pair had three daughters – Nell, 53, Lissy, 51, and Clea, 47.

Newman and his first wife Jackie Witte had daughters Susan, 59, and Stephanie, 58. Their son Scott died of a drug over­dose in 1978 at age 28.

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