Chantelle Houghton strips naked, saying: "I love my size 14 body, I am happier than ever"

"Who cares if I eat a bag of chips, an Indian and a Nando's in a day? I am happy", says contented Chanelle

Chantelle Houghton in New Magazine
Chantelle dares to bare

New Magazine


Single mother Chantelle Houghton has revealed she is happy as a healthy size 14,  saying her daughter is more important to her than being skinny.

Proving she loves her body just the way it is, brave Chantelle stripped off in a unairbrushed shoot, proclaiming that she is now more comfortable in her skin now than when she was a glamour model.

Brunette Chantelle piled on three stone after giving birth to baby Dolly and splitting from cross dressing fiance Alex Reid.

Happy Chantelle told New! magazine she had fought her demons and was just happy being a mother.

"I'm happier than I have been in my whole life and I know what I want."

Adding her new size was nothing that "a baggy dress won't hide", the former reality star revealed her diet may not be as healthy as it could be but Dolly eats perfectly.

Chantelle, who battled with bulimia during her 2007 divorce from Ordinary Boy Preston, said she never wants Dolly to see her being weird with food.

***£50 PER IMAGE***Chantelle Houghton is seen on a beach with friends. Afterwards she visits McDonalds for a big lunch
Chantelle said she just laughed when she saw these beach pictures

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"I always make sure Dolly has fresh meals... I try to cook everything myself. I made her a little dinner of salmon, steamed vegetables and mashed potato. She is spoilt in that way but well looked after."

Newly single Chantelle's diet is not as healthy as her daughter's because after Dolly is all tucked up, the Celebrity Big Brother winner says she is too tired to make anything fresh.

But the newly contented Chantelle is making more of an effort to get into shape by ditching the speed dial to Nando's and shelling out for a George Forman grill.

"You have to reach a point where you want to eat healthier and exercise and I'm not stressing about getting there.

"Now I'm happy and I just want to enjoy my life."

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Chantelle Houghton, New Magazine Cover
Chantelle Houghton, New Magazine Cover

New Magazine

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